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On Real Leading

There is so much written every day about leaders and leadership that you can't keep up with it. It's overwhelming at times.

Then something good appears in the feed. Here is a blog post featuring some leadership wisdom from Herb Kelleher, the legendary founder of Southwest Airlines. Kelleher was a real leader. He did things that a real leader does such as paying attention to people, engaging them, trusting them, getting out of their way, striving always to improve, and building more leaders.

You could build a leadership course around the example of Herb Kelleher.

But we have to be careful when we start looking at examples like Kelleher. When we look at leaders, we tend to stay focused on CEOs and others at the top. The truth is, there are leaders at all levels and in all corners of organizations.

In fact, leadership is not about level. It's about leading. And leading is the courageous choice to identify a problem or a challenge and say "I will take a stand. I will …

A Conversation with "The OD Guy" Robin Cook

Robin Cook is a distinguished Organization Development professional based in Arlington, Virginia. The creator of the Organization Diagnostic Molecular Model, he is a George Land World Class Innovator Award recipient and an Innovation University Fellow. Robin is trained and highly skilled at implementing Dee Hock’s Chaordic Theory (one of few OD consultants in the world with this distinction).

I've known Robin for years, mostly through the Organization Development Network, and am happy to feature him on my blog.

In this interview, Robin talks about his work in helping organizations through challenging and often complex change.

Q Robin, Please give the readers a thumbnail description of your background.

As you know, Terry, I am a seasoned organizational development practitioner and change agent.

I'm proud to have been a key player on teams that developed and led processes that included complex change initiatives operating on many levels. I have led large and small scale turnarou…

Nick Heap on Core Process

To start off the New Year, I am happy to feature UK-based coach and facilitator Nick Heap, one of the leading proponents of a personal growth methodology called Core Process, a powerful way to discover your unique talents and purpose in life.

In this interview, Nick will share insights into Core Process, what it is and how it works.

Q - Welcome, Nick. Please tell us a little about how you came to this coaching work.

Originally, I was trained as a research chemist and worked at ICI, a multinational chemical company based in Britain. ICI was at the cutting edge of organisation and personal development. In 1970, I participated in a T-Group, through work, for a week and it was a life-changing experience. (In a T-Group you “examine your behaviour as it happens.) I learned some things about myself, and that we have all the resources we need to solve our problems, but we need to listen to each other to solve them.

Soon after the T-group, I decided to devote my life to helping people listen t…

Your Big Story

It's January 4. The whole new year is stretching out before you. A vast opportunity to do whatever you choose.The other day, I read a blog post by Chris Brogan where he suggests selecting three words to describe the big story of your year. Not last year. The new year ahead of you.The three words, whatever they might be, would point toward your vision, your big story, for the year.Tomorrow I turn 58. Last year I finally published two books. I have one more in mind. The next one will be about change.So one of my three words for 2013 is change.The other two words that are surfacing for me right now are create and facilitate.My big story involves creating something wonderful that will benefit others. Perhaps the book I will birth.And facilitating with others in some way the wisdom they hold inside.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on January 4, 2013