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Grouping: A core OD competency

Many of us in the Organization Development field have had experience working with teams. Project teams. Committees. Boards. For the most part, team building interventions designed to improve how these teams function. But teams that are already there.

Have you ever started a group? From scratch? From nothing but a felt need and an idea?

When the tsunami wave of the Great Recession, washed millions of people into unemployment, many felt totally adrift in the deluge, lost and in need of connecting with others for support.

But in many cases, when they looked around in their local areas for such support groups, they found none. So some started to think about forming their own support groups.

I was one of those. Many years before, I would sometimes say that groups were not for me. That I was "not a joiner." Well, life has a way of teaching you lessons. As a result of organizational and societal upheavals, I changed my tune.

At my church (St. Matthias in Somerset, NJ), we started …

Train with PODER

My new model for training is called PODER. I introduced it this week in a Train-the-Trainer class with a new client in the Newark, NJ area. Most of the class were Hispanic by heritage. As soon as I introduced the model, two of them said, "In our language, 'poder' means 'power,' you know."

I was pleased to hear that. If training is effective, it does em-power people to do their jobs well and achieve the results they are after.

Here's my new model for training, designed for trainers to guide them through the entire process.

P = Plan the training. This includes analyzing the need for the training. Setting objectives for the training. Assessing the audience for their knowledge and readiness. Creating the lesson plans designed to teach the skills needed.

O = Organize the training. This includes the communicating, the scheduling, the materials, the channels (e.g. classroom, e-learning, job aids, etc), and everything else required to execute the training.

D = De…