Breaking Bread

Some of you reading this may have been attracted by the similarity between the post title "Breaking Bread" and the amazing AMC TV show "Breaking Bad" which is about to end its five year run next Sunday night.

As great a TV show as Breaking Bad is, this blog post is NOT about the misguided attempts of a pathetic Chemistry teacher to provide for his struggling family by "cooking" and dealing crystal meth.

No, this post, called Breaking Bread, is about community. The kind of community that is so vital, yet sorely missing, in our organizations today.

First, some etymology. The word "company" means, when you break it down to its component word origins: com = with + pane = bread. Word origin experts have traced the word back to a meaning that should give us all pause: "One who eats bread with you."

So a Company should be a place where we share a meal. Where we feed and nourish one another.

If that is not too far-out for you, let's go a bit further.

If that is what a Company really means, then: Who are we when we go to work? We might think that we are guests at a meal, waiting to be served. But that would be a mistake.

No, we are stewards at a meal.

The Customer is the guest.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, as my father used to say. In other words, savor it. Ponder it. Let it dwell within you for awhile.

Because that is what we have lost. But it can be found again. And not only found, but reclaimed.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Monday September 23, 2013


I like the focus. After all, in education, students are our guests and educational professionals are here to serve them. Unfortunately, that isn't the norm anymore as politicians, administrators, for-profit companies all have their own agendas and those agendas often come with a price tag. I am here to say: we need to serve. Period. Thanks.
Terrence Seamon said…
I'm with you on that, Maryalice. As a fan of servant leadership, let me say "Amen." If more of us adopted a servant's mindset and attitude, the world would be a much more hospitable place.

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