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Transformation and Change - Part 2

So let's return to this topic of transformation and change.

In the last blog post, I asked, If one is to truly transform one's self and one's life, where would you start? What changes could you begin to make now?

Let's step back and look at this term "transformation." Transformation is a type of change. It's change that moves you "beyond the current form" so to speak. The dictionary puts it this way: to transform is to change form, shape, appearance, structure, or character. Even to metamorphose (as a caterpiller into a butterfly) or to convert (as a believer to an atheist).

So in sum, transformation is a much more fundamental type of change than a new coat of paint or moving the deck chairs around.

Transformation, then, is something like alchemy. Alchemy comes from the Arabic al + kimiya meaning 'the transmutation.' The myth of the alchemist that we learned in Western Civilization class went like this: the alchemist was searching for…

On Transformation and Change - Part 1

Today at the end of the 12:00 o'clock Mass, Fr. Nick's closing prayer included this: "May what you have consumed here transform your life."

As Roman Catholic Christians, we believe that the Eucharist, the Body of Christ, is the bread from heaven that nourishes like no other. Spiritually, we subscribe to the saying "You are what you eat."

And the meal is not only comprised of the communion bread that we partake in, but also the Word of God that we hear in the scripture, and even the community present in the congregation that becomes "the eyes and hands and feet" of Our Lord in today's world.

So by full participation at Mass and beyond, we "become what we eat." We become strengthened in our faith to live the Good News and make the world a better place for all.

Yet that is not our only meal. From Monday to Friday, we are stuffed full by other "food" that comes to us via society, especially the mass media. By consumerism, by r…

Monetize Your Passion

My son Dave is an actor, a singer, and a budding teacher. I'm happy to say, he is also a very active networker in the Theater and Film realms of central New Jersey. Like his older brother Kevin, Dave is an entrepreneurial type of Twenty-Something, juggling multiple creative projects all at once.

Recently he related this story to my wife and me.

He was networking with someone in the TV commercial voice-over business in New York City. Let's call him Guy. In the course of a lively conversation, Guy asked Dave two questions:

"Dave, What is your passion? And, How will you monetize it?"

From the little I know about Guy, he has a passion for acting and found a way to monetize it via voice-over work in TV commercials.

In Dave's case, his passions include acting, singing, and composing music for movies. He is already working on ways to turn his passions and talents into an income stream.

This story got me thinking about my situation. So I have decided to monetize my blog!

Change for the Better: The Leader's Guide to Change

My third book has finally arrived!

Called Change for the Better: The Leader's Guide to Change, it is now "on the shelf" alongside my first two, To Your Success and Lead the Way.

Here is the press release now being sent to a wide audience of friends around the world:

NEW BRUNSWICK NJ - OCTOBER 4, 2013 - New Brunswick-based writer Terrence Seamon has published his third book, entitled Change for the Better

Change for the Better - The Leader's Guide to Change is now available. Change for the Better is a practical guide for organizational agents of change. Whether you are a manager, parent, coach or consultant, if you are helping people through change to reach success, this book is for you. Anyone who is taking a leadership role in a change project, from an executive to a team leader to a subject matter expert, can use Change for the Better as a handy guidebook to more effective implementation of change.

Much is written ab…

Only Serve

Many of my clients ask me for help on stress and time management. The fact of the matter is we live in incredibly stressful times. What I say to them is that they must take good care of three things: Self, Others, and Place.

First is Self. Borrowing a concept from Dr. Kathleen Hall, I teach the SELF model: Sleep (get enough), Exercise (get moving), Love (give and get), and Food (eat right). There are many other ingredients in self-care, but these four are basic.

Second, take care of Others (especially family, friends, neighbors, and customers) that you care deeply about.

And third, take care of this Place, particularly locally where you live and work. It's all we have.

Recently, I was inspired by a friend named Charlie who has really embodied the second and third aspects.

At his invitation, I attended a neighborhood meeting at a coffee house called Hidden Grounds (what a cool name for a coffee spot) here in my town of New Brunswick, New Jersey, home of Rutgers University. It w…