Monetize Your Passion

My son Dave is an actor, a singer, and a budding teacher. I'm happy to say, he is also a very active networker in the Theater and Film realms of central New Jersey. Like his older brother Kevin, Dave is an entrepreneurial type of Twenty-Something, juggling multiple creative projects all at once.

Recently he related this story to my wife and me.

He was networking with someone in the TV commercial voice-over business in New York City. Let's call him Guy. In the course of a lively conversation, Guy asked Dave two questions:

"Dave, What is your passion? And, How will you monetize it?"

From the little I know about Guy, he has a passion for acting and found a way to monetize it via voice-over work in TV commercials.

In Dave's case, his passions include acting, singing, and composing music for movies. He is already working on ways to turn his passions and talents into an income stream.

This story got me thinking about my situation. So I have decided to monetize my blog!

You'll notice three Amazon ads to the left, featuring my three books. Additionally, via, I have created an e-store dedicated to books on the topic of leadership and organizational change business books.

I've decided that it's time to monetize my passions which include writing, blogging, and designing creative solutions to leadership development needs that my clients are struggling with.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Saturday October 5, 2013


Anonymous said…
Maybe an idea to "monetize your passion" is to actually acknowledge people who write to you expressing interest in your books. Being rude and ignoring them (when you so obviously have the time for a quick reply) will never inspire them to buy your books. Just saying!
Terrence Seamon said…
Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your comment.

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