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Leadership Lessons...from the Transition Zone

Today in Ridgewood, New Jersey, I was a guest speaker at the 3 year anniversary conference of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, an organization focused on helping the unemployed find work. The founder of NhN, John Fugazzie, invited me to speak about leadership.

Here in essence is my message. Job hunters have to recognize a huge blind spot and eliminate it. By getting rid of this unconscious obstruction, the unemployed can recognize and communicate to employers a strength that they possess that is very much in demand today.

What is it? Job hunters know something that is very valuable about leadership and change. Let me explain.

The great leadership expert Warren Bennis once defined leadership as the capacity to turn vision into reality.

Leading therefore is essentially about change. About making change happen.

Change is a difficult thing for many of us. Change expert William Bridges taught us about the distinction between change and transition. He once said: "So many change initiatives…