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The Most Powerful Tools for Change

Someone asked me, What are the most recommended tools to bring about a needed change?

My answer: The best tools are still a conference room, a flipchart with markers, the right participants, and a good facilitator equipped with powerful questions.

And one more thing: a simple process to use as a roadmap.

The Gleicher Change Formula, D x V x F > R (pictured to the left), is a great starting point.

Here's a quick breakdown:

- D - To make change, there has to be Dissatisfaction with the status quo. This is critical, but not enough by itself. People live for years with dissatisfactory conditions, at work, and at home, and make little effort to change.

- V - Then you need a Vision for change, an idea for a new more desirable state. The Vision, if highly attractive, and if it is owned by members of the system in need of change, will energize the movement from inertia.

- F - To anchor the vision, you also need a roadmap that identifies the First Steps on the path toward the vision. If…