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Meetings With Remarkable People

So who helped you get to where you are today?
Whose work had an influence on you?
On LinkedIn, a question was posed the other day, asking about the Role Models we encountered in our field, who had a positive impact on our formation as professionals in Organization Development.
When I think about my early evolution in OD, some "role models" (I add the quotation marks because, with the exception of Tannenbaum, Schein, Scott, and Hanna, I have never actually met these people; rather it has been through their writings that I have grown and changed) that had a formative impact on me include
Edgar Schein for culture, leadership, career anchors, process consultation, and humility
Bob Tannenbaum for his thinking on leadership…and for speaking with me early in my career
Herb Shepard for his tips for change agents
Warren Bennis for his work on leadership
Bill Dyer for his classic book on team building
Peter Block for consulting
Marv Weisbord for the value of getting the whole system into the r…