The 4 A's of High Performing Teams

Looking to improve the effectiveness of the teams in your organization? Start here with the 4 A's.

Alignment - How unified are your teams? Are they "on the same sheet of music, singing the same song?" Are they operating upon a common mission, with shared goals?

Accountability - How reliable, responsible, and trusted are your teams? Can they be counted on when the heat is on? Do your teams operate with integrity? Do they treat one another with respect?

Adaptability - How well are your teams handling change? Are they bouncing back with resilience? Are you making sure that your teams have enough energy to give their best effort? Are you all improving and learning continuously?

Action Oriented - Do your teams have a bias toward action? Are they fast moving? Are they able to do what needs to be done to serve their customers and deliver on results? Do they get it done?

Terrence Seamon helps leaders to build strong teams. Follow him on twitter @tseamon. To learn more about his work visit Facilitation Solutions on facebook.


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