Winning Attitude

What do you think drives your Life?
Many people have a "Sh#t Happens" view of their Life. They view the happenings in their Life as consequences of external forces (i.e. the Sh#t).
I have long been a believer in a different point of view. I got it from my mother who used to say "Life is what you make it."
It's a view of Life that believes in the power of the mind. A view that says that our purpose, attitude, and intention are the things that make the difference. That these are the major determinants of what happens in our lives.

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn

Recently I was working with a client on ways to develop a winning attitude that could be spread throughout their organizational culture. A tall order, no?
So we started with their Mission, Vision, and Values. And we spent a number of hours on what those words were really saying about the kind of company they implied. We discussed how the attendees could personally connect to these aspirations. And own them. And live them.
Years ago, I attended a management seminar on leadership and change. We had just been acquired by another company. The instructors were consultants, hired by the new owners, charged to shake us and wake us up to the new realities of being acquired.

They were provoking us to think about the results we want to obtain in life. They were pushing us to think about who really determines the outcomes that we get in life, both at work and at home.

If life is truly what YOU make of it, then very few external things really influence your life. A tsunami, for example, can overwhelmingly influence your life. You don't have any say-so in the face of a tidal wave.

Outside of uncontrollable things like that, the major influence on your life is You. Your attitude. Your actions. You control 99% of what happens. Or doesn't happen.

"Assuming it can't be done, limits what can be done" is quite true.

In his autobiographical book Flying Without Wings by Arnold R. Beisser (published in 1989 by Doubleday), I read about a great example of the power of a winning mindset. Beisser was a champion tennis player who became a quadraplegic at age 25. Despite the catastrophic misfortune that befell him, Beisser went on to a successful career as a clinical professor of psychiatry, as well as a consultant and noted author.

His story is about choice and personal power. As he struggled with the awful truth that he had lost everything that he had most valued, he finally realized that he still had life. And he still had a future. And that he could still choose.

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford
What do you think?
Terrence Seamon helps his clients develop the winning attitude they need to be successful. Follow him on twitter @tseamon. Learn more about him on facebook at Facilitation Solutions.


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