The Angel in the Marble

What do you see? Not right in front of you. But what do you see in terms of possibilities?
"I imagined the angel in the marble and I carved it until I set him free" -  Michaelangelo
There is a power within all of us that goes unnoticed and underutilized by most of us, much to our detriment.
I'm speaking of the Imagination.
We all have imagination. It comes with the package, so to speak. As children, we are incredibly imaginative, concocting stories, weaving fantastic voyages, pretending and play-acting like wee little Shakespeares!
What becomes of our imagination as we grow up?
Some hold on to it. Poets, artists, composers, dreamers.
Consider the quote above, attributed to the great artist Michaelangelo. That he could look at a raw hunk of marble, and "see" the potential for an angel within it, is testimony to the faculty we possess called imagination.
Imagination is a power we all possess. It's our ability to see what is not there, but could be.
It is the well-spring of all creativity and innovation. It is the source of all things new.
Terrence Seamon writes from his imagination. Follow him on twitter @tseamon, and on facebook Facilitation Solutions.


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