Come to the TABLE for Culture Change

I once learned, from consultant Kenny Moore, that the meaning of the word company is from Latin:  com (with) + pane (bread). 
He wrote: "At its core, company is about meaning, purpose and mutual support. Many of today’s businesses had their origins around like-minded individuals coming together to support and nurture each other in starting a labor of love."
That gave me one of those "Whoa!" moments. How many companies have an awareness of this? How many have lost this sense of company...and lost their way as a result?
So people who work together in a company can be thought of as people breaking bread together, sharing a common meal.
Pretty strange thought, eh? Maybe even striking?
Moore points out a connection to employee engagement: "It is when people feel a sense of belonging and purpose that they more willingly contribute not only their hands but also their heads and hearts to bring about business success."
What are the implications for leaders?
Moore suggests that long-term organizational success is "less about the bottom line and more about establishing a sense of shared community and passion for the effort."
Imagine then basing the culture of your company on this notion. Imagine that going to work is like coming to the table:
Trust - Everything depends on relationships. And everyone values reliability and dependability, doing what they said they would do consistently. Integrity gives rise to trust.
Accountability - Everyone thinks and acts like an owner. Everyone can be counted on to do their part and more.
Belonging - The company feels like a shared community. Everyone matters. Everyone looks out for the others around them. Mutual support is strong.
Learning - Everyone wants to improve themselves. Every opportunity to learn is seized upon, especially after-action reviews.
Engagement - Commitment runs deep. Participation is high. Everyone has their head in the game and their eye on the prize. 
A pipe dream?
Or a design template for your better culture?
Terrence Seamon helps his clients to strengthen their cultures. Follow him on twitter @tseamon, and on facebook Facilitation Solutions.


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