Planning to Change? Simply BEGIN

Thinking about making a change of some sort...perhaps a personal change? Or maybe an organizational change?

The secret simply BEGIN.

Break it down - Many say that "change is hard." It is. But change is also huge. Or at least it seems so before you start. Change often seems overwhelming. That's why we often fail even before we get going.

So the B in BEGIN stands for "Break it down." Chop it into chunks. Lay out the steps in the roadmap that will get you to the goal.

Energize yourself and others - Another reason we often fail at change is inertia. "An object at rest will remain so unless acted upon." So the E in BEGIN is Energy! You've got to energize yourself and others.

What can help you energize? Perhaps a sense of urgency. Perhaps a sense of competition nipping at your heels.

What about your vision? What is the change about? Why are you making the change? What will the result of the change be? 

Get going - Southwest Airlines' founder Herb Kelleher was once asked what the strategy was. He answered:  "We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things."

Kelleher's wisdom says Get Going. Do stuff that matters.

Empower everyone to take action. That's what Tony Robbins means by "massive" action.

Invite and Involve others - Get everyone fired up by inviting them into the conversation, asking them for their share of the wisdom, and enlisting them in the various chunks of the change that need to get done.

Never stop - Change is never ending. Don't fall into the illusion that it's over. Once you have reached one milestone or one goal, the question always is, "What is Next?" The N in BEGIN can also mean Now, as in "What can you do Now?"

Here are some added words of wisdom:

To begin, begin. - Wordsworth
Begin with the end in mind - Covey
Every new beginning, starts with an ending. - Bridges
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. - Disney

Terrence Seamon helps his clients to "get going" on changes they desire to make. Follow him on twitter @tseamon, and on facebook Facilitation Solutions


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