EX - The New Movement in HR?

In the past few years, there has been a growing movement in HR called "Employee Experience" or EX for short.

Taking a page from the Customer Service field, where a great deal of thought and energy has gone into CX, for Customer Experience, these smart HR leaders have started to recognize that employees, like customers, have experiences whereby they form impressions --good or bad-- of their employer.

Stop and think about some of the ways that employees experience their employers...
  • The candidate who is flown from New Jersey to California for an interview and enjoys the treatment he receives including having all expenses paid by the company.
  • The new hire who goes through an onboarding process that is informative and enjoyable, and includes one-on-ones with key people in the organization.
  • The employee who sits with her manager on an annual basis for a development planning discussion that also touches on career development.
  • The soon-to-retire employee who is recognized for their service and given helpful information to be better prepared for the next phase of life.
What is the effect of such positive experiences? What happens when employees have negative experiences of their employer?

Consistent and positive employee experiences translate into high morale and high engagement, which in turn translate into productivity and profits.

What HR leaders are beginning to understand is that the EX factor is well within their control to design and execute.

Note:  For more on EX, here is a recent example of some thinking from Ben Whitter, a leading expert.

About the author:  Terrence Seamon has been working in the Human Resources field for over 35 years. Currently he is a career transition consultant, as well as a leadership development consultant. Follow him on twitter @tseamon


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