A Whole New You - Part 1

The job market right now is tough, generally speaking.

If you are a Twenty-Something engineering graduate, you will likely be snapped right up into a well-paying job with a bright vista of career progression ahead of you.

But if you are a seasoned pro in your Fifties or Beyond, and you find yourself displaced, you may be in for a very rude awakening. You've heard the litany: you are too old; you were making too much money; you won't stay long; you aren't adaptable. The list goes on.

Is there an answer?

While it is not a Quick Fix, the answer is, Go Into the Wasteland.

Just like the heroes in ancient myth had to journey into the desert to find meaning and renewal, you have before you the same opportunity.

In this series of posts, I'll be sharing some tips on ways to make the most of your sojourn in the desert, aimed at helping you emerge stronger and more focused on what you want out of life.

First, you have to believe in yourself. This phase of your life will test you greatly. You may feel like a failure and start to falter. But don't lose faith.

It's up to you to fashion a Whole New You, one that the marketplace has NOT seen before.

This is no easy task. Some cannot wrap their heads around it. So they go on an endless quest to find what they lost. Like the hapless mice searching for the cheese that someone moved in Spencer Johnson's classic fable (Who Moved My Cheese?).

Many older transitioners wonder "Maybe I should go into consulting?"

Maybe they should. But even that is no easy task. Who would hire you? Why would they hire you?

When you find yourself in the Wasteland (or The Neutral Zone, as William Bridges called it), you have work to do. In the case of those North of Fifty, that work may involve the discovery, design, and development of the Whole New You.

Terrence Seamon is a career coach who works with clients to help them move toward their goals. Follow him on twitter @tseamon


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