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New Job, New You

When you start a new job, it can be a roller coaster ride. So much to learn! And you want to get started on the right foot, as they say.

Here are five tips for the first 100 days.

Situate - By accepting the job offer, you have situated yourself in a whole new place. A new context. You must now start to position yourself. Where are you now? What is your new position? What team are you on? Who is your customer?  The sooner you can get a good sense of your new situation, the better.

Measures - How will you be measured by the organization? What is expected of you? How will you be evaluated? What outcomes are others expecting from you?

Align - Vital to your success in a new position is alignment. To align means to arrange yourself in such a way that your thinking and your efforts are in support of the team you are now a part of. What are the goals and objectives of your new boss, your new team? What contribution can you make?

Relationships - Nothing gets done in business organizations without …

A Whole New You - Part 2

A client sat down with me and started talking about what he is looking for next in his career. I couldn't help but smile as he expressed his desire for a meaningful job where he can make a difference in people's lives.
My smile was one of recognition. I was recognizing in my client a yearning I have felt in myself: to do more with my life that just hold down a job.
One of the keys to happiness, I have learned, is to seek meaning in life. When we find meaningful work to do, it doesn't feel like work. We lose track of time when we are doing it. We are swept away.

Psychologists call it "flow." And flow can be found by seeking work that calls us.

What work is calling you?

A wonderful model to ponder in this regard was developed by a vocational psychologist named John Holland and described in the book What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Nelson Bolles.

Holland identified six occupational types, summarized by the letters RIASEC, and created an assessment tool to help e…