Impacting the Culture - Part 2

Continuing with some additional tips for members of a Board and the executive team that want to have a positive impact on the culture of their organization, here are some ideas for the next phase of the process.

4. Use your Imagination - The poet once said "Nothing happens unless first a dream." Leaders, What is your dream for the culture of your organization? Imagine it at its best. What are the values?  What are the actions?  What are the outcomes?

5. Gather the System - With a nod to Marv Weisbord who gave us the maxim "Get the whole system in the room," leaders should extend an invitation to all the members of their organization, as well as all key stakeholders, to join in the process started in point # 4. Get everyone's imaginations activated.

Get people into groups. Equip each group with flipcharts, markers, and facilitators. Give them the "green light" to unfetter their thinking about how great the organization can be.

6. Think Big, Start Small - There's an old saying in change management that asks "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer:  "One bite at a time."

So let's look at the elephants and the bites. The elephants represent the Big Issues and the Big Ideas they will generate. The Big Issues are problems to be addressed. The Big Ideas are the positive changes that will make your company great. When it comes to these Biggies, you want to encourage everyone to Think Big. Don't "color inside the lines" or stay "in the box."

Once a bunch of Big Issues and Big Ideas have been plastered all over the walls, then it's time to step back and consider where the first few small bites might be taken.

The Bites represent the leverage points for change that will start the ball rolling. The idea is to produce movement, not try to swallow an elephant.

When the above tips are implemented well, Leaders will have started an engine of success in their organization.

In case you missed Part 1, here is the link.

Go here for Part 3.

Terrence Seamon has been working on the topic of organizational culture and leadership for over 30 years. Follow him on twitter @tseamon


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