Passing It On

Who passed it on to you?
One of the life lessons I have pondered is how much of Who I Am is because of others and what they have passed on to me.
Throughout my life there have been many people who have given me the gift of their knowledge, their values, and their spirit.
My parents for example. My mom had so many sayings that I still use in my work with clients. My dad's aggressive moxie has helped me take the risks I have needed to take.
They and others have been my mentors.
I like the term mentor even though the relationship may not have been framed as such.
A mentor is an experienced, and trusted adviser. A mentor is thinking about the mentee's future and provides guidance, drawing upon the well of their own lived experience.
How about you? Do you know how many lives you have touched and enhanced in some way?
Maybe now is the time of your life to be thinking about this, about your legacy.
I have some clients who have reached a place in their journeys where they are tired of the rat race and are seeking some new horizon, something more meaningful to do with the next act of their lives.
I recommend considering the idea of mentoring.
If you are "north of 60" or thereabouts, you have a great deal to offer.
The younger generations, who are already replacing the fading Boomers, could benefit by your wisdom.
Who are you passing it on to?
*Note: Here in New Jersey, we have a new mentoring network that is in need of volunteers.
Terrence Seamon has had many mentors that have shared their gifts with him. He endeavors to pass it on to his clients. Follow Terry on twitter @tseamon


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