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Galvanizing into ACTION

My mother, Ramona Dorfman, had a lot of sayings, some in English, some in Yiddish. When she wanted one of us kids to get moving, my mom would say:

"Galvanize into action!"

Not sure where she got that phrase, but it's a good one.

Galvanize: rouse, stir, electrify, fire, spur, animate

Galvanize: To arouse to awareness or action

What does it take to galvanize someone into action? What stimulus will startle, arouse, and impel you forward to action?

A downsizing will startle you. But will it galvanize you? Does it have the arousing and motivating effect that will produce positive action?

In general, I don't think so. Yes, some hardy and resilient people will galvanize into action and get going. But the rest? Many who lose their job have no idea where to begin or what to do.

Once downsized, it's up to the individual to galvanize herself into action. But does the person affected by a downsizing know what actions to take?

Taking the word ACTION as a framework, here are six …

To Be Alive Means to Love

To be alive means to love. 
To be alive means to move To sing To dance.
To be alive means to flow as a river flows as blood flows bringing health in all its meanderings.

To be alive means to reach out To connect To join To create.
To be alive means to rejoice To gape in awe at each new day.
To be alive means to care To feel pain To get hurt To cry.
To be alive means to try To fail To feel fear and to get back up and take another swing.
To be alive means to struggle To be alive means to break free To shake off the fetters To shed whatever is holding you back or blocking your way especially yourself.
To be alive means to dream To envision To make your life into something.
To be alive means to ask questions To make your voice heard To listen
To be alive means to love.

Posted by Terrence H. Seamon on December 18, 2017

Get WISE for 2018

Yes it's that time of year again. That festive holiday season of parties and presents and good cheer . . . that is also the time that we begin to "wind down" toward the end of the year. While it is certainly a time to relax and enjoy special times with family and friends, it's also a good time to review and look ahead. The New Year is right around the corner. As your thoughts begin to turn to 2018, you may be contemplating some goals for the new year. As a fan of SMART goals, I encourage you to keep that framework in mind. As a reminder, SMART goals are: SpecificMeasurableAlignedRealisticTime framed You might also like to consider WOOP goals, courtesy of Gabriele Oettingen, a psychology professor at NYU. Her research based WOOP model means: WishOutcome