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My 6-Pack for Success!

A new year is a great opportunity to re-calibrate and re-commit yourself to whatever it is that you most want to create in your Life.
On this day, I want to give all of you a gift, my 6-Pack for Your Success!
Cut the CRAP
Envision Your Big Story
Focus on Process
Galvanize into Action
Set Your Inner Child Free
Feel free to share.
May 2018 be all that you want it to be!
Best wishes,

The Cut Up Technique

The other night, as part of a Goal Setting workout, I led the participants through an exercise in visioning using the old Cut Up technique.

It worked beautifully.

The cut-up portion of the workshop came after an exploration of goals, why they are so important, and how best to express them. Once the ground work was put in place, the shift to creative work could begin.

One of the attendees shared his visual collage with the group and you could sense his energy and excitement. When the group responded with appreciation and applause, I am sure he felt encouraged.

In case you are wondering about this method, here is a brief description:

The Cut Up technique is a creativity exercise that has old roots, going back to the Dada movement in art and poetry of the 1920's, where a poem or a painting would be composed out of clipped words and images.

The idea, as I was adapting it, is to turn the participants loose to create a visual collage around a focal topic. The topic the other night was:


Trust the Process

One of the recently recognized pitfalls of setting goals is that a goal can deflate you! What the what?, you ask. Yes,researchis suggesting that setting a specific goal can have the opposite effect of what we have been taught to expect. Instead of motivating you, the goal can de-motivate. Strange, I agree. But apparently it's one of the reasons for the high rate of goal abandonment. So what are we to do? Setting goals is such an important factor in any kind of success in life. The answer is, once having set a goal, set it aside, and focus on the process you will use to accomplish it! This has long been known in the field of sports, where the savviest of coaches will focus on practice and process, convinced that such will lead to winning. So let's break this down. The process is your plan of action. The steps you will take. The daily To Do's (and Don't Do's) that will get you there. For example, consider a job seeker who has a goal of landing a desired job with a ta…

Three Words for 2018

So here we are, on the first day of a brand new year. Now what? There is a little exercise devised by Marketing guru and blogger Chris Brogan where he asks, What are your three words for 2018? The three words you choose point toward what Brogan calls your Big Story for the coming year and distill the themes that are surfacing for you as you look ahead. Three that are coming up for me are.... >>Depth >>Emergence >>Navigate I'm not sure where these words may lead me in the coming year but they feel right to me. Happy New Year! Best wishes, Terry Terrence Seamon teaches his clients methods for intentionally creating the future they desire. Follow him on twitter @tseamon

Cut the Crap!

Many years ago I learned about the Crap Detector. The great American author Ernest Hemingway was the originator of the idea. I came across it in an essay by educator Neil Postman where he wrote: "For those of you who do not know, it may be worth saying that the phrase, “crap-detecting,” originated with Ernest Hemingway who when asked if there were one quality needed, above all others, to be a good writer, replied, “Yes, a built-in, shock-proof, crap detector.”" Postman's entirepieceis well worth reading. Why was Hemingway, and Postman, such a proponent of having a functioning crap detector? In a nutshell, to lead a better and smarter life. Life is full of a lot of crap. Bias. Fake news. Propaganda. Obfuscation. Currently in 2017, we have tons of it, coming at us every day from politicians via the media. If we don't have a way of filtering the crap from the good stuff, we can be overwhelmed and led astray. I recently learned another useful tool for crap detection and …

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