Team Leaders, How are you doing? Part 1

I often facilitate training programs on leadership for my client companies. One* of the key points of exploration is that leading is all about relationships. 
With this in mind, some years ago, I was inspired to create this acronym for leaders:
RELATE for Leaders:
Respect - Effective leaders have a deep respect for their followers. They show it by asking for input, by listening, by speaking the truth, by keeping promises, and by building trust. The best leaders honor their team members.
Engage - Effective leaders practice lively engagement with their people, seeking their involvement in change initiatives, seeking their ideas and opinions on improvements, having frequent two-way conversations, and making them feel like they are part of the very heart of the business.
Listen - Effective leaders are great listeners, opening up to everyone's perspectives, even making sure that dissenting voices are heard. By listening well, leaders learn.
Acknowledge - Effective leaders notice and appreciate each member of the team as an individual human being, recognizing each one's talents, strengths, issues, and goals.
Teach - Effective leaders know that they lead by their example. They understand that 'everything they do teaches.' Therefore they model the way for their teams. They demonstrate accountability. They coach on a regular basis, always on the lookout for potential that can be evoked and developed.
Empower - Effective leaders do everything in their power to support their people so that they can be successful. In a nutshell, the best leaders em-power their people. By giving the team the tools, the training, the equipment, the information, and the authority, plus whatever else is needed to get the job done, the leader has set the team free.
As someone once said, the best way to find out how effective a leader is, is to ask the led. The followers know best how well their leader is doing.
Do you have the courage to ask them?
*Two other key points that we delve into are: 2) Leading is about vision; and 3) Leading is about action. The next two blog posts will address these points.
Terrence Seamon enjoys helping managers become engaging leaders. Follow him on twitter @tseamon


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