Hustle and other keys to success

Recently, I came across an image online about "hustle" that said:

HUSTLE - Verb - 1. The only controllable pillar of success

Seeing the word hustle reminded me of when I played Pop Warner Football as a kid in grammar school. The coaches would frequently urge us to "Hustle!"

I took it to mean "Get moving!"

Looking up the word in the dictionary, hustle has several meanings, including:
  • to proceed or work rapidly or energetically; to push or force one's way; to aggressively pursue a business aim
While I don't agree that hustle is "the only controllable pillar of success," I certainly salute its inclusion. Other pillars of success over which we have a great deal of control include:

Attitude - What is your attitude right now? Henry Ford once said, "If you think you can do a thing, or if you think you cannot do a thing, either way you are right." If success is what you are after, then a Can Do attitude is a vital component.

Conduct - How do you "show up?" How do you impact others? Are you likable? Are you easy to do business with? Can others count on you?

Time Management - Time is life. How are you spending it? The key is to set priorities and pursue your goals. Be sure to schedule quality time each week...or it won't happen.

Initiative - Are you proactive? Do something every day that moves the ball down the field toward your goal. Don't wait. Make things happen.

Open Communication - Two vital words: open and communicate. Open up to new ideas, to new thinking. Open up to others. Communicate your objective so that others can help you.

Networking - What is networking, you ask? Essentially it means cultivating and leveraging your relationships. Start with people you know. Then move further out to people they know.

This "ACTION" formula can galvanize you toward your success. But it helps if you hustle too.

Terrence Seamon helps his clients focus on the controllable aspects of success. Follow him on twitter @tseamon


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