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Action Changes Things

Inspired by a colleague's list of tips for resilience and coping...

Here are six ideas for taking action in dark times.
A = Aspire to an Attitude of Accountability where the old saying "If it is to be, it is up to me" becomes our maxim, and instead of waiting for someone else to take the lead, we step forward and seize our responsibility to make a difference.
C = Convene critical conversations - This is the time to communicate, to gather together and share, to generate ideas, and to formulate a vision for a better future.
T = Teach by everything you do - As my pastor Fr. Doug used to say, "Everything you do teaches." Be mindful of your conduct. Be a role model.
I = Invite others to join in - Reach out and form groups in solidarity around issues that need to be addressed. 
O = Organize with Optimism and Open Minds & Hearts
N = Never give up on what matters most - Get in touch with your inner values, the principles you hold most dear. These are the immovable …