"How Do I Survive?"

On the phone the other day with a client, he asked me, "Terry, How do I survive?"

I rattled off an answer*...

...but his question is haunting me.

Many of us who are "north of 50" years of age are feeling somewhat fragile these days, like the steamrollers of our time are going to mow us down at any moment.

What would you tell a client or a friend if they asked you, How do I survive?

*The answer I gave my client included the following four points:

Don't stop networking after you land the job you are seeking. Keep your network alive and fresh. Stay in touch with people. You never know when you may need to leverage these relationships again.

Stay healthy. You aren't getting any younger. Find ways to stay active and fit. Challenge your body and your mind.

Stay current in your field. Be learning all the time. Read. Take courses. Watch TED talks. Expand your mind.

Reconnect to your purpose.

Later, some additional thoughts surfaced:

Build community. Become many by embracing others.

Push yourself out of your self isolation.

Reach out for help. Seek out a coach. Accept feedback.

Stop doing things that are not adding value toward the goals you are seeking.

Start doing things differently.

Take a different road.


My colleagues at ODNet added some wisdom.

"Broaden your world and your network.  Volunteer.  Working with others who have been steamrolled puts your life into perspective."  

"Don’t be so quick to say no to gigs. While they may not be perfect, take them because you will be placed in a situation to meet the people you are destined to meet. No one, and I mean no one knows where the next gig comes from so get out there with a bigger net."

"Find healthy and supportive communities in which to participate. Whenever possible, give to those who are in greater need. It helps with perspective." 

Posted by Terrence Seamon on December 12-13, 2019


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